Monday, May 9, 2011

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

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Realised its probably about time i returned to bloggin to vent my inner frustrations.
Till then, I need to fix up the lil skin.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Beefy Goodness

Striploin Steak from Jack's Place. Shall not touch on the various types of cuts. Instead, I shall talk about the degrees of which you can have your steak done.

Attached is a chart which I got somewhere off the net. Apologies to the original owner as I found this via multiple channels and could not verify its origins. As you can see in the order of left down to right down, those are the ascending order of which the steak is done. Personally, I find it quite rare to see people having their steak in blue rare. (Yea, pun not intended). Most of the time, people would just have in rare in a restaurant.

There is a varying characteristic as you can see, the less done a steak is, the more bloody and softer it will be. Sometimes, I really wonder how can people enjoy a well done steak where its all tough like rubber and dried. Pretty much like chewing a slab of coarse muscle fibres.

Personally, I would prefer my steak to be done medium rare as I prefer a little bit of blood to go along with it. Why medium rare eh? I find medium rare the best combo especially when you are having your steak served on a hot plate. You may then sear the flesh into your liking. To add on, I feel its ideal as even when your steak is too bloody for your liking, you may then proceed to getting the chef to grill it a little more to medium or so.

Think of it in this manner, if you got your steak in medium which looks like medium well done, could you revert it? It is the law that you can only bring your steak to a level of doneness up the ascending ladder, rather than revert it back.

For kids having their steak, I would recommend a medium to medium well done as their tummies and teeth are unable to take too hard or too bloody a steak, although it is said that steak with a bit of blood would be more healthy for an individual.

So, what's your choice of doneness? Comment!